Our hearts and minds are constantly being bombarded with “stuff,” whether it be social media content, news, activities, work, and/or family responsibilities.

It’s easy to be so consumed with what is happening around us that we forget to prioritize our relationship with Jesus. Prioritizing Jesus in your life may not always be easy to do, but it is necessary, especially as a Christian. The Word of God tells us:

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” When we seek God first, then everything else we want or need will be added to us.

Matthew 6:33

Personally, I have noticed that when I have quiet time with God before my day starts, things tend to fall in place. I begin my day with a good attitude and outlook. I have the chance to speak to my Creator and He speaks to me.

I ground myself in the Word of God. Before I face anything in the day, I already have my heart and mind set right.

It doesn’t mean that trials and tribulations will not come, but when we prioritize our time with God, we ask Him to come in and take control, and then we can rest assured knowing that God is taking care of everything that concerns us.

I want to share five tips that will help you prioritize getting to know Jesus in this busy world: 

1.Talk to God in the Morning

Try to make a conscious effort to start your day with God. One way you can put this into practice is to do it right after you wake up.

Before you do anything else, talk to God, say a prayer, thank God for waking you up today. It can be something simple; no need to overcomplicate it.

You can continue your communication with God as your brush your teeth and get ready for the day or talk to God as you prepare your morning coffee/tea.

You will find that the more you do this, the easier it becomes and the more you desire to prolong your time with Jesus, so much so that you decide to set aside a special time for just you and Him.

2. Read Your Bible Everyday 

How can you truly get to know Jesus without reading His word? The Bible is the life manual that God gave His children to read, study, and understand so that we can know His heart.

For some, the Bible can seem like a challenge to read and/or understand. If that’s you, I would suggest you:

  1. Read small portions at a time. Maybe you want to start off with a few verses or one chapter a day.
  2. Choose a Bible translation that you understand. The King James version may not be for you right now. There are many translations to choose from. I personally love the New International Version (NIV), the New Living Translation (NLT), and the Amplified Bible (AMP).
  3. Take advantage of Bible apps. Bible apps are full of different reading plans. You can read the Word of God chronologically or read the Bible based on different topics that you are interested in. There are hundreds of options, so you can find one that best suits you.
  4.  Listen to the Audio Bible. You will be so surprised how much you can learn just by listening to the Bible on audio. The best part is that you can listen while you are doing something else, be it driving, eating, or caring for your kids.

3. Set Your Alarm

Set your alarm to an earlier time than you normally wake up and spend that time with Jesus. For example, instead of waking up at 6:30 am, set your alarm to 6 am, and use that extra 30 minutes and spend it with the Lord. Moreover, you can do the same with your bedtime routine.

Maybe you have a lunch break—instead of using that time to only chat with your co-workers, use that time to seek Jesus. Do what works for you.

4. Accountability Partner(s)

Find someone who will hold you accountable. If you told your accountability partner that you will finish Mark 3 this month and you start slacking, that is when it’s good to have someone to help you get back on track.

Sometimes, we can get distracted or life can get really busy. That’s why having an accountability partner is vital. We all need one at times!

5. Get Involved in the Church

Surround yourself with other like-minded believers who want to grow in their relationship with God. Being around other Christians can really motivate, encourage, and inspire you to get to know Jesus. You can all pray and uplift one another.

You can even set up Bible study groups where you and other believers worship and study the Bible together.

Fellowship is so important that God even tells us not to forsake the assembly of believers (Hebrews 10:25). Find a way to get busy in the house of God, whether it be singing in the choir, cleaning the church, or volunteering as an usher. 

I know life can be hectic. I know times can get hard, but we must try our best to prioritize Jesus in our lives. One thing we have to remember is that the devil doesn’t want us to grow in our relationship with God.

He doesn’t want us to pray, read our Bible, and seek God’s face. Because he knows that when we do, we grow in God, we understand God more, and become better and stronger Christians.

I hope these tips help you get to know Jesus in the midst of this busy world! Do you have any more tips? Leave them in the comment area!

-With love, Grace

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